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  1. Lou
    January 3, 2023 @ 11:22 pm

    Does it pay out though? I’ve done a withdrawal and apparently I’ll get it in 7 days.


    • David Lau
      January 3, 2023 @ 11:53 pm

      Dear Lou,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you will receive any payouts in seven days.

      That’s the truth you have to accept.

      I’ve mentioned clearly in my article that “when something looks too good to be true, it is.”

      This game is a complete waste of your time.

      I highly suggest you do not spend any more time playing it.

      Just uninstall it for your own sake.

      Your time is valuable.

      Don’t spend on a meaningless game.

      Hope my answer helps.

      Best regards



    • Lino Vasquez
      March 4, 2023 @ 3:51 pm

      Did you ever receive the payout after the 7 days ?


      • Bartholomew Yakubu
        April 7, 2023 @ 5:48 pm

        Hi my is Bartholomew I’m from Nigeria and reat now I’m playing the game but I don’t now how I will wedrew if my time reach for me to wadrew from payple please can you halp me with the way forword. Thanks


        • David Lau
          April 8, 2023 @ 10:27 pm

          Dear Bartholomew Yakubu,

          Sadly, you will not receive any real payouts by playing this game.

          I suggest you stop playing immediately and don’t waste valuable time and effort on it.

          Best regards



        May 4, 2023 @ 5:32 am

        Did it pay you?


    • Jeff
      March 5, 2023 @ 4:16 pm

      Did you get your payout


    • Queen B
      June 12, 2023 @ 12:03 am

      Hi did you ever get your payout


      • David Lau
        June 16, 2023 @ 1:44 pm

        No, I did not receive any real payouts.


  2. Ruth Goodyear
    April 2, 2023 @ 7:15 pm

    Correct me if I am wrong in saying that this game cash slots does not pay out ?


    • David Lau
      April 4, 2023 @ 12:29 pm

      Dear Ruth Goodyear,

      You are right, it doesn’t pay.

      Best regards



    May 4, 2023 @ 5:34 am

    Should be against the law it’s that like false advertisement?


    • David Lau
      May 6, 2023 @ 11:00 am

      The ads certainly look very spammy, intrusive, and unattractive.

      When you tap on the ads, your device might even be infected with malicious codes that lead to security vulnerability.

      You certainly don’t wish that to happen, right?

      Therefore, avoid this game at all costs.


    May 4, 2023 @ 5:45 am

    I suggest that whatever pay method you all use out there to get in touch as I am going to call PayPal and inform them what is going on.


    • David Lau
      May 6, 2023 @ 10:54 am


      The developer of this game will not honor any payouts.

      So, stay away from it.

      It’s not worth your time and effort.

      Best regards



  5. Queen B
    June 11, 2023 @ 11:13 pm

    Well David I’m 2,824 an I won 656 dollars one more step to hit my account has anyone ever won the cash


    • David Lau
      June 16, 2023 @ 1:48 pm

      This $656 is the virtual amount.

      In reality, I doubt that it is redeemable to real monetary value.

      Do not waste any more time playing the game.


  6. Chel
    July 9, 2023 @ 11:05 pm

    I thought you would go through all the steps. This is what I discovered

    step 1. Once you earn an amount you have to make 80 spins to move to next step.
    step 2. Look at 20 ads which why all the ads after 3 spins
    Step 3. Go through a 7 day waiting period
    Step 4. Be put in a que that could be as high as 6k to 7k player that can take from 5 to 10 days
    Not. You have to go through these steps for each amount even if the amount is .06 cent
    ***Surprise you finally get paid the process can take almost a month. The only good thing is if you played consistently then once you recieve your first amount. The amount start coming back to back with just a day or two in between.
    *** Most will give up after a week even two weeks. David is right if you don’t want deal all the ads and moving from Step to step, and have no patience yes you need to delete. Some ads really take over your phone and if you use game booster it will block you calls while you play. Now I think I cover all everything. If some see I forgot something please post


    • David Lau
      July 10, 2023 @ 12:14 am

      Hello Chel,

      Wow, that was fantastic!

      Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your detailed steps and explanations.

      Hopefully, everybody will begin to understand the ugly truth behind the creation of this game.

      More importantly, stay away from it and never look back.


  7. Finn Sisco
    July 20, 2023 @ 10:40 am

    Does this game pay money ?


  8. Jan van Twist
    September 6, 2023 @ 9:26 pm

    Zo niet waar dit spel. Zonde van je tijd. Kon je ze maar voor de rechter slepen.


    • David Lau
      September 8, 2023 @ 11:59 pm

      Bedankt voor uw waardevolle opmerking.

      Ja precies.

      Dit lonende spel zit vol namaak.

      Verspil er geen tijd meer aan.


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